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Discover the superior performance and sleek design of Fotai Range Hoods, distributed by Aekao in Nanaimo, BC.

High Quarlity

Powerful and Innovative Fotai Range Hoods

Experience the energy efficiency, powerful suction, and innovative design of Fotai Range Hoods. Our range hoods are designed to efficiently remove smoke, grease, and odors from your kitchen, ensuring a clean and fresh cooking environment. With their powerful suction capabilities, Fotai Range Hoods effectively eliminate cooking fumes, keeping your kitchen air clean and healthy. The innovative design of our range hoods adds a stylish and modern touch to your kitchen, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal.

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The Fotai Range Hood is a game-changer in my kitchen!

John Wang


I love how efficient and stylish the Fotai Range Hood is.

Jane Smith


The Fotai Range Hood has exceeded my expectations.

David Johnson


I highly recommend the Fotai Range Hood for its performance and design.

Sarah Davis

Interior Designer, GHI Designs

The Fotai Range Hood has transformed my cooking experience.

Michael Brown

Homeowner, JKL Company

I'm impressed with the quality and functionality of the Fotai Range Hood.

Emily Wilson

Homeowner, MNO Company

Aekao's services exceeded my expectations. The Fotile range hood they installed in my kitchen not only looks stylish but also functions flawlessly. I highly recommend their professional installation services.

John Wang


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